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Hiring and Training on a Digital Platform

Are you in search of a virtual career fair platform for your company? There are many benefits to organizing a virtual career fair on a reliable platform. To begin with, since it is a virtual one, you can save money booking venues, setting up, arranging catering, etc. Secondly, you can attract and connect with global talent conveniently. This opens the door to not only a larger talent pool, but also more remote and work-from-home options. Thirdly, you can customize the career fair and create beautiful designs at a more affordable price. Since we are all battling with the pandemic now and that we should avoid social contacts as much as possible, a virtual career fair platform is something companies should really consider.

Let’s say you have already hired a number of talents for your company. The next step is of course utilizing an employee training management platform just like many HK companies do. One of the reasons why HK companies like to use an employee training management platform is that it reduces the training time and cost. Once you have prepared a training session, you can reuse that resource over and over again. This is much more convenient than if you were to repeatedly ask the manager to train new employees in a face-to-face manner.