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Virtual Event Solution Makes Online Meetings More Productive

UC. Now is an innovative Virtual Event Solution that proved its efficiency in 2020 and it continues to grow in 2021 with great plans for the upcoming years. The platform gained popularity during the COVID-19 quarantine as it offered solutions that no other software had. Most other similar programs lacked at least one important feature; UC. Now combined all the crucial necessities to design a software that meets the highest standards of digital communication. Educational institutions and staffing companies especially benefited from UC. Now. They needed a stable place to host events and interviews and share files; UC. Now provided just that.

As an Online Staff Training Platform, UC. Now gives recruiters a virtual space to interview and train employees. The Virtual Event Solution gives the administrator of the channel various options to use for facilitated communication and training. For example, the organizer can use the Job Centre to review applications and schedule meetings. The program also enables job seekers to apply for desired jobs without exiting the platform.

After the organizer checks the applications, the Online Staff Training Platform offers time slots to schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates. The administrator can select the most suitable times and the system will automatically notify the candidates about the meetings via email.

The Virtual Event Solutionalso serves greatly for webinars, group meetings, tutoring, and similar events. Apart from being a powerful Online Staff Training Platform, UC. Now it is aiming to become an integral part of educational institutions all over the world. This software strives to continue offering a stable, productive virtual space that students, teachers, parents, as well as employers, job seekers, and other groups of people need.