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What do we need to look at when hiring a Math tutor?

Online coaching is getting so popular nowadays. No matter if you are looking for an AP Math Tutor, SAT Math Tutor or ISEB Math Tutor or other tutors for your examination, you can browse all the tutor’s information on those online coaching platforms by just a few clicks. It saves money, time and energy. However, it is so difficult to hire a good Math tutor because there are too many options. So, how to choose?

Who knows your examination better?

It is easy to get someone who is good at Math, but it does not mean good Math tutors are everywhere. If you hope to get someone to coach for your examination, it is a must to hire someone who really knows about your examination, including examination structures, trends and skills. If you are going to take UKiset, focus on searching for a UKiset Math Tutor who can share the skills on this examination.

How much have the past students improved?

Usually we can get these information by looking at their reviews. If you are looking for an IB Math tutor, focus on seeing how much other student’s performance has improved. Some tutors maybe very knowledgeable about Math, but it does not mean they are good at teaching Math. As a good Math tutor, knowledge on how to teach is always more important than how to math.