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Mental Health Service HK – What Is It and How Does it Work?

Having a reliable, effective Mental Health Service HK is extremely important for young people. Without proper guidance, they can fall under the negative influence of society, which can permanently affect their lives. KELY Support Group is a non-profit organization that offers a set of services to communities in Hong Kong, intending to guide and educate youth on several aspects that can highly determine their future.

Alcohol Abuse Awareness HK is one of the service categories that KELY Support Group offers to prestigious institutions in the region. To keep young people engaged and make an impact, KELY Support Group created programs that are easy to follow and interesting to participate in. Alcohol Abuse Awareness HK at KELY includes Bespoke Workshops, Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops, Drama Programme, ExCEL, Prevention Starts with You, and SOSKELY. The programs are not fully theoretical, which increases the effect on participants.

The Mental Health Service HK does not only provide Alcohol Abuse Awareness HK. KELY Support Group takes care of the general wellbeing of young people. Stress and the negative influence of peers are frequently present among youth. Thus, people between the ages of 14 and 24 tend to have doubts and insecurities related to stressful situations and relationships; KELY helps them!

The trained staff at KELY Support Group assists members with the Mental Health Service HK by helping them learn how to handle stress and avoid harmful substances. With powerful programs, this non-profit organization aims to become a part of most educational institutions in Hong Kong, which will allow educators to largely influence future generations.