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Mental Health Support HK is Finally More Available in Schools

KELY Support Group is an innovative non-profit organization that offers powerful Mental Health Support HK to communities in the region. This group works with educational institutions and other organizations that understand the significance of mental health, especially for youth.

The programs of KELY Support Group are created for young people between the ages of 14 and 24. This group is considered highly critical when it comes to mental health. They need more support and guidance in order to deal with the stress, emotions, and pressure of society.

How does KELY Support Group help young people? – Firstly, KELY communicates with the client about the details of the collaboration. Then, the team creates a custom Mental Health Support HK plan and organizes workshops and activities for young people. The programs educate young people on mental health, harmful substances, and various related topics.

Through interesting activities, young people learn how to deal with emotions, work on achieving their goals, resist the temptation of drugs and alcohol, stay motivated, manage stress, and work on mental strength. The Mental Health Support HK offers all the tools students need for healthy growth and development. They can access useful material that will help them handle unpredicted events and generally how to take care of their wellbeing.

KELY Support Group made outstanding results in Hong Kong since 1991. However, this team is not stopping. They are determined to keep helping young people and they invite educational institutions to join their forces and work towards a better, healthier Hong Kong by investing in youth.