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What kind of security camera to pick for your company?

You must choose between a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system if you are looking for a video surveillance system. Both cameras record video. The distinction is in the manner in which they record. NVRs work with IP cameras and record and store videos immediately, whereas DVRs work with analog cameras and transmit footage to recorders before processing. Because NVR uses more modern technology, it is more expensive in comparison. It’s also worth noting that an NVR can record both video and audio, whereas a DVR can only record video.

A thermal IP camera is what you need if you want to take things a step further. In adverse lighting and weather situations, a thermal IP camera combines image and IP networking technologies to provide an added layer of security. It’s also less expensive to get a thermal IP camera instead of a visible security camera. There are fewer false alarms due to the more modern technology and complicated system. The Honeywell HVCT-B4010I thermal IP camera performs admirably. It captures 4MP high-resolution movies while measuring body temperature in real time with great precision, allowing for accurate and efficient body temperature detection without touch.